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3D Printing for Batch Production

With the largest fleet of MJF machines in the UK and all the necessary finishing equipment we have significant throughput for any order on short lead times. Our bulk discount pricing enables customers to see significant benefits from large production orders, even on a time crunch.

Due to the powder based nature of MJF printing, parts are self supported within the chamber meaning the whole volume can be filled with parts. This method of nesting means we can optimise the full build volume for economic pricing. 

Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printing full build chamber

Once a project goes into production we can lockdown variables, such as build orientation & position, to reduce variability. The build duration is proportional to the build height, as a result we encourage ordering high volume small parts as it lets us run our machines more efficiently.

No Tooling Costs. Easy design modifications. Batch production on demand.

Small MJF Printed parts

MJF 3D Printing

injection molding

Injection Molding

Illustration shows 3DP more cost effective on a small part for order size under 10,000 units

Small Batch Production Discount

Support free

The powder based MultiJet Fusion technology does not require any supports.


Polyamide 3D printing. Nylon PA12 PA11, (HP MJF technology) and Flexible TPU material

No Tooling

Instant production available with no lengthy and costly tooling. 


The printing area is 380x380x284 mm. Largest part can be printed by splitting
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