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MJF Finishing Services

Surface finish improvements to unlock new MJF applications. 

Our large range of finishing equipment ensures that we can offer the full print to production workflow for almost every application possible. The range includes AMT's SF100 (Vapour smoothing) and Dyemansion’s DM60 (Deep Colour Dying) and Powershot equipment, all the way through to our spray booth and assembly, offering fully finished, repeatable parts, time after time.


The raw texture is grainy with a surface roughness of Ra: ~ 5 µm (Similar to an ‘Extra Strong Mint’). All parts are blasted with DyeMansion’s Powershot C for a consistent finish.

MJF 3D Printed Eagle in Grey PA12 Material.


Our most popular finishing option. Get consistent & repeatable finishes with the DyeMansion DM60 DeepDye technology. Unlike paint no extra thickness is added. After every dye we polish our parts with the DyeMansion Powershot S which retains the texture but gives a
semi-gloss finish.

MJF 3D Printed model bracket parts in a consistent black colour.


AMT PostPro 100 smoothing creates a smooth glossy finish comparable to injection moulding.  The process uses a solution of vapour which reacts to the surface sealing it and reducing the porosity.

MJF 3D Printed part smoothed with AMT Vapour Smoothing process.  It has a smooth glossy black finish.


Also known as tumbling. This is subtractive process that gives a smooth matte surface finish to parts.  Sharp edges and corners are removed but design details remain.

vibro polishing

MJF Automated Finishing  

Vapour Smoothing

  • Fully automated surface finishing technology that smooths and seals the surface of 3D printed parts. Achieving a surface finish with an injection molded look and feel. The process is non-line-of-sight and therefore can smooth complex geometries and internal cavities of thermoplastic parts without degrading the mechanical properties. Combined with UL & CE certification, the patented PostPro vapor smoothing technology is recommended by the world leading additive manufacturing players.

AMT Postpro Vapour Smoothing Machine

Polishing & Dyeing Services

  • Our automated mechanical PolyShot Surfacing is the most efficient process on the market to achieve the best end-use part finish. It does not remove any material and works perfectly for hard plastics like PA12 or PA11 across all intricated shapes. With a cycle time of ~ 10 minutes and a capacity of a mid sized build job per run, our polishing technology works very cost-effectively 

Dyemansion Powershot Polishing machine for 3D Printed parts

Industrial Deepdye Coloring

  • Our innovative DeepDye Coloring (DDC) technology offers unlimited color choices. As a DM60 user you benefit from the largest color database. In addition to over 170 RAL and standardized colors, which are ready-to-use without additional development costs and waiting times, our color matching also offers the possibility of creating individual tones for you – from corporate colors to seasonal trend colors and individual skin tones


TPU Normal Grey Vs. Black

TPU Normal Grey Vs. Smooth Grey

TPU Normal Grey Vs. Smooth Black

TPU Smooth Grey Vs Smooth Black

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