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Professional 3D Scanning & CAD Services

Printing Portal have streamlined the process between capturing physical data and reproducing parts in CAD, ultimately allowing you to fabricate spare (or new) parts from existing tangible objects. 
Printing  Portal offers Hi-Resolution 3D scanning  services ideal for a wide range of application fields.

Also providing Inspection & Photogrammetry

Non-contact 3D Scanning. Performing the 3D scanning stage in a non-contact optical way, high stability, wide application, ideal for the scanning and measuring of complex freeform shapes , soft items, worn moulds and much more.

Professional 3D Scanning

  • 3D Scanning/digitizing is a fast and efficient process used to collect 3D point cloud data, for the creation of 3D models.

    By using 3D scanning software, the 3D data is then quickly processed into a watertight standard STL file ready to be 3D printed or  CNC milled

3D Scanning service

CAD Reverse Engineering

  • CAD Reverse Engineering (R.E.) is the process of measuring a physical part using 3D data acquired by our 3D non-contact 3D scanners. At Printing Portal we are able to redesign a wide range of components for for further re-engineering. Files converted from 3D scanned data can be exported in several neutral file format such as Iges, Step, Vda, Parasolid, Acis & Solidworks.

Reverse Engineering CAD

Inspection Metrology 

At Printing Portal we are able to inspect 3D scan data Vs. CAD nominal part: 

  • Sections analysis

  • Boundary deviations

  • Curve deviation

  • Comparison points

  • Silhouette deviation

  • Geometry deviation

  • GD&T Dimensioning

Inspection Service

Photogrammetry service

  • We provide a 3D scanning services ideal to create accurate, high-quality 3D models and measurements from digital photographs. The photogrammetric technology is the best solution to digitize a wide range of artistic items, buildings, facades, intricate ornaments, wooden parts, shoes and much more

photogrammetry service
  • Do you have:

  • Spare part needs where no CAD data currently exists

  • Expensive suppliers who require you to purchase unwanted ancillary items

  • Long lead time on existing suppliers

  • Part requirements which were produced 30+ years ago and have no existing suppliers

  • Heritage issues whereby previous M&A have led to incomplete CAD data library


Then unlock the problem by creating your own CAD data where you can source new suppliers at your discretion. We can deliver all your CAD data as if it was the original using a range of Reverse Engineering techniques to convert the 3D scan data into clean, usable formats such as STP, IGES, CATIA, Parasolid etc.

Once the part has been reproduced in CAD we can rapidly fabricate it using our  3D Printing services; this will allow you to test the fit before you engage in larger volume production. We consult with our customers every step of the way to ensure you are receiving the correct service with the ultimate aim to give you the best data to reproduce new parts with any fabricator / manufacturer you choose.

3D printing  scanning services in the UK
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