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Large Format 3D Printing Service

Using our 3D printing service you can 3D print large prototypes up to 1100mm x 500mm x 820mm. The 3D printer  has an extremely wide chamber,  which can fit larger objects including automotive parts, mannequins, furniture, marine and rail parts and much more.

Position Of Display parts

  • By printing large-scale parts we can create eye-catching displays that stand out from the competition. This can help to increase brand awareness and sales, while also reducing the amount of waste generated by traditional display manufacturing methods. The process is also far more sustainable than cutting foam with CNC machines. We can even collect your POS after an event for sustainable disposal

Large 3D printed sculpture

Large Scale Prototyping

  • There are many industries that think that 3D Printing cannot help them as the printers are too small for their needs. Our machines can print up to 1.7m and we can finish the parts in our spray shop - providing you with a rapid prototype of large parts that also look like the end product. This process can help reduce time and cost compared to either traditional manufacturing or by using smaller printers in larger sections. 

Fullly painted large 3D printed sink

GRP Tool

  • Did you need the material of the end product to be fire rated or carbon fibre? Our 3D printers can make large tools which can be used for laying up Glass Reinforced Plastic and other materials. The tool can be cheaper and far more sustainable than other methods of creating tooling and formers.

Large FDM printed tooling to create GRP model clock

Large Format 3D Printing Examples

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