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Unlocking Versatility: Exploring Top Applications of MJF TPU 3D Printing

From over-moulding prototypes to custom strain reliefs, MJF TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) offers a myriad of possibilities for flexible 3D printing applications. In conjunction with HP's Multi Jet Fusion technology, MJF TPU presents unparalleled flexibility and durability, revolutionizing the manufacturing landscape. Let's delve into some

key applications:

Over-moulding Prototypes:

Designing products with rubber over-moulding? MJF TPU, combined with AMT Vapour Smoothing, enables cost-effective simulation of over-moulding without the need for expensive tooling. It's ideal for low-volume batch production as well.

Vibration Damping Brackets:

TPU's exceptional ability to absorb kinetic energy makes it perfect for dampening vibrations in various machinery applications. The flexibility allows for adjusting the softness of dampeners by altering design thickness.

Tough Casings:

In environments where electrical casings face potential impacts, TPU's toughness shines, offering resilience without compromising rigidity. Additionally, it serves as an excellent outer protective cover, such as in phone cases.

Comfort Applications:

TPU's compliance ensures even pressure distribution, making it ideal for personalized products tailored to individual body measurements or 3D scans. Advanced design software like nTopology allows for precise control over stiffness distribution, as seen in ergonomic bike seats.

Custom Strain Reliefs & Cable Sleeves:

With MJF printing, create bespoke strain reliefs and cable sleeves tailored to specific applications, eliminating tooling costs. Each design can be unique, optimizing functionality without constraints.

Flexible Pipes:

Prototype or manufacture pipes precisely fitting your needs, ensuring a tidy assembly and eliminating issues like twisting or squashing. Incorporate attachment points directly into the design for added convenience.

Hinged Parts:

Leverage TPU's flexibility for 'Living Hinge' designs, providing a durable, flexible hinge solution with reduced risk of failure compared to traditional materials.


Enjoy unparalleled design freedom with MJF 3D printing for custom gaskets, benefiting from AMT Vapour smoothing for a flawless finish and enhanced functionality.


In conclusion, the integration of flexible TPU into HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printing has expanded the horizons of manufacturing. Whether for prototypes or batch production, MJF TPU enables the creation of flexible parts without the overhead of tooling setup costs, empowering businesses to innovate with ease.

If you want to get hands on experience with our TPU material a range of samples in various finishes are included in our sample pack:

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