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Turn-Key Solutions: Simplify Ordering with Our 3D Catalogue

Updated: Mar 6


In our continuous effort to enhance our ability to provide turn-key solutions for MJF & FDM additive manufacturing (3D Printing), we've recently integrated an online part catalogue into our portal. With this addition, coupled with our 30-day payment terms trade accounts, we now seamlessly function as a satellite manufacturing site.

Getting Set Up:

Our 3D Print Sample Pack is the default first item on your 3D Catalogue. To include your parts in the catalogue, simply send them to us via email, and we'll handle the setup. Once your catalogue is established, ordering becomes as straightforward as adding items to your list and proceeding to checkout.

A screenshot from our online portal's new catalogue page, showing only the Sample Pack added.

Advantages of Using Our 3D Catalogue:

1. Order Entire Assemblies with Ease:

Our platform enables you to order entire assemblies with just one click. Take, for example, one of our key clients who utilizes MJF 3D Printing to produce 28 components for their product. The ability to add all these parts to their basket with a single click has revolutionized their ordering process, significantly streamlining management.

2. Simplified Design Revisions:

Once a design is added to our system, the risk of inadvertently uploading the wrong version to our portal is mitigated. While vigilance is still necessary to update files in case of design revisions, our platform simplifies this process.

3. Expedited Ordering:

Bid farewell to the bottleneck of waiting for large 3D CAD files to upload each time you place an order. For repeat orders, there's no need to re-upload files, ensuring a faster ordering process.

4. Locked-in Pricing:

For recurring orders, we offer the convenience of working out an agreed production price and locking it down. This simplifies project cost management, providing peace of mind.

A screenshot from our Portal's new catalogue page showing 3 different projects added.


If these advantages align with your business objectives, we invite you to send us an inquiry. Let us assist you in setting up your account on our 3D catalogue for additive manufacturing, unlocking the full potential of your production process with turn-key solutions.

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