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Solar Powered MJF 3D Printing

As the UK transitions into springtime, welcoming longer days and brighter sunlight, businesses experience a range of benefits. Among these, one less obvious benefit: sustainable energy.

It's no secret that Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) requires a fair amount of power. For this reason we have taken proactive steps to reduce our environmental impact. This includes covering nearly the entire roof with solar panels at our site in Dartford, Kent.

In 2023, our solar panels generated an impressive 25,000 kWh of energy, equivalent to powering over 170 Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) builds through solar power*.

Our total energy production per year, showing in 2023 we generated 25000kWh of green energy.

It's noteworthy that the majority of this energy production occurs during the spring and summer months when sunlight is more abundant.

Our energy production per month for 2023, showing the summer months produce a lot more powrer than the winter ones.

Additionally, our choice of Hyundai Monocrystalline Perc Shingled Panels comes with a 25-year warranty, assisting our long-term commitment to sustainable energy solutions.

*Based on 12kw power consumption stated by HP.

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