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3D Scanning For Rendering High Quality Images

Feeling fresh and healthy as we enter Autumn? Good!

Last month Printing Portal were asked to create some new High Quality Renders for Active Bottle; a reusable, high colour bottle!

In order to achieve the correct dimensions we had the part 3D scanned using our extremely accurate, and quick to use ScanArm. Once we had a perfect STL Mesh we moved onto the reverse engineering stage to remake the bottle in clean surfaces. This stage is important for a few reasons:

  • Any blemishes in the mesh could impact rendering quality, leaving an imperfect surface. Converting to NURBS surfaces will remove any of those imperfections in the mesh

  • Ease to colour each bottle. Even though Active Bottle needed 5 various colours of their bottle, we only scanned one! By creating a NURBS model we can swap out each colour in 1 minute then reset the camera and lighting in the software to pick up the best features of the part.

  • If Active Bottle require additional colours of their product we can render one out extremely quickly to give them an idea of what it might look like, future proofing the scan!

  • Ability to have a physical product produced using 3D Printing or CNC’ing from the same data.

To get the “Active” logo back onto the bottle we used a 2D file ( a high quality jpeg/png) and made surfaces to wrap around our new 3D bottle in the correct position and size.

All work was done in less than 2 days. Here are some of the results:

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