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New HP MJF Printing Service in Greater London area


Printing Portal are proud to announce we have added to our 3D Printing solutions with the purchase of a HP Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) 4200 industrial 3D Printer

Primarily printing in Nylon PA12 we are now able to deliver small batch production on a much larger scale with a material which competes with injection moulding.

Based in the Greater London area, it is now possible to receive parts within days of ordering using HP's revolutionary MJF technology. With multiple finishes available we can provide you a full solution on orders from 1 unit up to many 1,000's.

Parts typically have a smooth finish with no visible layer lines and a stone grey finish. The surface takes paint extremely well and is capable of impregnating with colour (dying).

Ideal applications for MJF parts

  • Prototypes with excellent properties for testing form and fit

  • Small batch production of complex end-use parts, which can replace the need for tooling up if volume is in the low 1'000s

  • Strength and durability of parts can even replace jigs and fixtures that are typically machined in aluminium

  • Industries include: Automotive, Aerospace, Marine, Furniture, Construction, Oil & Gas, Creative and many more...


Printer specifications

  • Technology: HP Multi Jet Fusion

  • Effective Building volume: 380mm x 284mm x 380mm

  • Building speed: Up to 4115 cm3/hour

  • Layer thickness: 0.08mm


For more information please use our contact form here

Or simply email:

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