Photogrammetry service for Design & Heritage

Generating 3D Models with High Definition and Color Textures

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Printing Portal have the experience and equipment to provide marketing and design teams with a focus to present concepts for their products both internally and to their audience.


With Printing Portal you can:


  • 3D Scan multiple shoes with very short lead times (1-2 days)

  • Obtain clean texture maps which can be edited by design team to quickly create new concepts

  • Load content onto websites and social media platforms as high-res renders or full 3D models

3D Scanning Shoes

High Definition Texture Generation

Original UV Map

Original Texture map

Optimized UV texture

Optimized Texture map ideal for rendering

Can you guess the original shoe? Here is a variation of texture maps for the same shoe

We have refined the process so that you can easily edit the “camo” texture map seen on your right to a much more manageable file format seen on the far right. With lead times reduced to 1-2 days your design teams will bring to life their concepts in a matter of days compared to weeks for  prototypes. You can even share the content easily as 3D models to your social network for feedback from your loyal customers before you enter larger scale production!