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Golden face statues

Illusionaries - Large Scale 3D Sculptures

Flowchart from CAD to Printing to Asesembly then finally to GRP Moulding

The Challenge:

Illusionaries Ltd. approached Printing Portal with a manufacturing challenge:

  • To produce five large statues within a short timeframe for their experimental art hub in Canary Wharf, London where they will be used for image projection.


The required statues consisted of x1 4m tall statue and x4 3m tall statues of the same design:

two face statues next to each other, one is shown as being 4m tall while the other is 3m tall

 Our unique combination of Large Format 3D Printing services and GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) moulding positioned us perfectly to tackle this challenge.

Large Format FDM Printing

FDM 3D printing is the ideal candidate for most large sculptures. Unlike traditional CNC cutting of foam there is significantly less waste material and the final result is more rigid and easier to finish.


The statues needed to be divided to fit inside our five Builder Extreme Large Format 3D Printers. Careful consideration of the print orientation and split lines was essential to balance print efficiency with ease of assembly.

Assembly & Finishing:

Each printed section was joined together with a fabricated wooden structure to add strength and provide mounting positions.


After assembling all the sections, the statues underwent painting and sanding to remove both layer and join lines, giving the impression that each statue is a single, seamless piece.

GRP Moulding:

For the largest 4m tall statue, GRP moulding was not used as only one was required. However, for the four smaller statues, GRP moulding was employed as an economical way to duplicate the model.

The fully finished 3D printed model was used as a 'master' to create a soft silicone mould. Inside this mould, fibreglass sheets were layered with a polyester resin to create a strong, open-backed model of the statue. Each copy was not only faster to produce than the printed original, but also required less post-processing as the surface finish matches that of the mould.

GRP Moulded statue head


Printing Portal is uniquely positioned to support the creative arts industry with our combination of Large Format 3D Printing and GRP Moulding capabilities. We have extensive experience producing both small and large 3D objects for arts exhibitions, POS displays and other events.

Alternatively if you would rather purchase your own machines we are an approved reseller for the Builder 3D Large Format 3D Printers in the UK, for which we provide servicing & support contracts.

A room filled with golden statues and some mirrors.
A room with a large 4m tall statue with coloured light projected onto it with people sat around looking at it.
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