Filament for Builder Extreme 3D Printer

The Builder 3D printers are able to print a wide range of materials such as 
PLA, PET, PVA, PRO1, Woodfill, Bronzefill & Flexible filaments.

Pro1 Grey - 4.5Kg

PLA, Orange - 4.5Kg

PLA, Red- 4.5Kg

PVA Transparent - 0.5 Kg

Pro1 Black - 4.5Kg

PLA,  White - 4.5Kg

PLA, Grey - 4.5Kg

Bronzefill - 0.75 Kg

Pro1 White - 4.5Kg

PLA, Yellow - 4.5Kg

PLA, Black- 4.5Kg

PLA, Black- 4.5Kg

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